Sally’s work usually takes the form of abstraction and her process is comparable to that of problem-solving. Sally uses intuitive colour-play and suggestive architectural motifs within abstracted landscapes to explore emotional states, domestic experience, language, memory and notions of human behavior. Her work is predominantly process driven, highly expressive and is loaded with references to personally significant subject matter; most of which is almost always obscured. Deliberate reference to binaries such as fact/faction, inside/outside, remembering/forgetting are suggestive of language and thought, presence and absence.

Sally Lee Anderson (born Lismore NSW, 1990) is an emerging artist currently living and working in Sydney.  Sally began her Fine Art degree at Southern Cross University (Lismore, NSW) in 2009 and completed it at UNSW Art and Design (formally COFA) in 2014. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art, majoring in Printmaking. In 2013 Sally was awarded the Nortec Young Artist Award (Tweed Regional Gallery) and the Earle Backen Award for excellence in printmaking (COFA). In 2014 she undertook the SIM artist residency in Reykjavik (Iceland), in 2015 she was a finalist for The Brett Whiteley Travelling Arts Scholarship and in 2016 she was a finalist in the Paddington Art Prize and the Portia Geach Memorial Award.